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Career Opportunities

Gastronomica Kuwait ( 2-5 ) CDP

  1. Takes care of daily food preparation and duties assigned by the superiors to meet the standard and the quality set by the Restaurant.

  2. Follows the instructions and recommendations from the immediate superiors to complete the daily tasks.

  3. Coordinates daily tasks with the Sous Chef.

  4. Responsible to supervise junior chefs or commis.

  5. Able to estimate the daily production needs and checking the quality of raw and cooked food products to ensure that standards are met.

  6. Ensure that the production, preparation and presentation of food are of the highest quality at all times.

  7. Ensure highest levels of guest satisfaction, quality, operating and food costs on an ongoing basis.

  8. Knowledge of all standard procedures and policies pertaining to food preparation, receiving, storage and sanitation.

  9. Full awareness of all menu items, their recipes, methods of production and presentation standards.

  10. Follows good preservation standards for the proper handling of all food products at the right temperature.

  11. Operate and maintain all department equipment and reporting of malfunctioning.

  12. Ensure effective communication between staff by maintaining a secure and friendly working environment.

  13. Establishing and maintaining effective inter-departmental working relationships.

  14. Have excellent knowledge of menu creation, whilst maintaining quality and controlling costs in a volume food business.

  15. Personally responsible for hygiene, safety and correct use of equipment and utensils.

  16. Ability to produce own work in accordance with a deadline and to assist and encourage others in achieving this aim.

  17. Checks periodically expiry dates and proper storage of food items in the section.

  18. Consults daily with Sous Chef and Executive chef on the daily requirements, functions and also about any last minute events.

  19. Guides and trains the subordinates on a daily basis to ensure high motivation and economical working environment.

  20. Should be able to set an example to others for personal hygiene and cleanliness on and off duty.

  21. Daily feedback collection and reporting of issues as they arise.

  22. Assess quality control and adhere to hotels service standards.

  23. Carry out any other duties as required by management.


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Gastronomica Kuwait ( 2-5 ) DCDP

A demi chef relays orders to his station cooks and ensures each menu item his station is responsible for is prepared on time. He oversees all preparation, cooking and presentation for plates. He may be required to assist with cooking, preparation and plating when station chefs are absent. Your kitchen’s demi chef also ensures that all health and food safety standards are practiced and he helps troubleshoot any kitchen issues that may arise.

The demi chef -- more formally known as the chef de partie -- is responsible for keeping a portion of line cooks or station chefs’ on time and organized during production. While smaller kitchens can use the chef de partie as a station cook himself, most commercial kitchens use the chef de partie as a station manager. When hiring a demi chef, you are hiring someone to be the kitchen’s third in command; therefore, they need to be trustworthy, experienced and management material.


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Gastronomica Kuwait ( 2 - 5 ) Waiters

We are looking for a skilled Waiter or Waitress to take orders and deliver food and beverages to our customers.

The right Waiter/Waitress uplifts the dining experience for customers. We are looking for someone who will have the patience, personality and perseverance to thrive in this role.

Waiter/Waitress responsibilities include greeting and serving customers, providing detailed information on menus, multi-tasking various front-of-the-house duties and collecting the bill. If you are able to perform well in fast-paced environments, we’d like to meet you. To be a successful Waiter or Waitress, you should be polite with our customers and make sure they enjoy their meals. You should also be a team player and be able to effectively communicate with our Kitchen Staff to make sure orders are accurate and delivered promptly.

Keep in mind that Waiter/Waitress duties may require working in shifts and/or occasionally during weekends and holidays.

Ultimately, it is the duty of our Waiters/Waitresses to provide an excellent overall dining experience for our guests.

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Gastronomica Kuwait ( Minimum two year and above with continental experiance ) Line Cook - Commi 1/Commi2/Commi3

  • Maintaining high standards of hygiene
  • Preparing the ingredients for a more senior chef
  • Measuring dish ingredients and portion sizes accurately
  • Dealing with deliveries and stock rotation
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